Robert Pop Emotional Detox Bootcamp

Emotional Detox Bootcamp 2020

This intensive 8 week course will teach you all the required skills you need to bring your emotional wellbeing to the next level, including how to set up healthy boundaries in relationships and advance in your personal growth.

Meet Robert

Robert Pop is a transformational and inspirational keynote speaker, the bestselling author of several books such as The Mindset Detox and Power Habits, the creator of Emotional Health School, and a serial entrepreneur based in London.

Robert teaches people practical ways to heal their past, own their present, and rewrite their story, all based on neuroscience and scientific research.

Robert Pop
Power Habits: 14 Habits That Will Energise Your Life - Robert Pop

Power Habits

14 Habits That Will Energise Your Life

In Power Habits, Robert Pop shows us how to take steps to develop our strength of character and make a difference in our world by living lives of discipline, compassion and authenticity. Robert discusses topics such as overcoming unforgiveness, creating healthy boundaries, pursuing big dreams, and developing a healthy self esteem.