About Robert Pop

Hi, my name is Robert Pop and I’m an author, entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, and emotional health coach. I’m passionate about wholehearted living and helping people achieve mental clarity and emotional balance.⁣

Over the last ten years I’ve spend most of my time studying and learning about neuroscience, epigenetics, inner healing, and emotional health and how it affects physical health, productivity, and even business performance. I have also gained a deeper understanding about how the human mind works, how we can reprogram our brain for better mental and physical health and increased productivity, and how we can heal from traumatic experiences and enjoy a life free from the toxic effects of past trauma.

By conducting science-based research and working with people from various backgrounds, I managed to put together a series of life-changing, transformational resources that will help anyone become their best self, do great in life and accomplish unimaginable things, and have a life of fulfilment, peace and wholeness, regardless of the circumstances.

All the educational and life-transforming tools and resources I have designed are based on science, tried-and-tested methods, and thorough research.

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