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A Moment with Robert

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Conquer Conference // 2019

Conquer Conference // 2019

Join Robert Pop in September 2019 to experience the intersection of history and potential on the streets of one of the world’s oldest cities, London, England.

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  • Reading fiction improves our ethical and empathetic skills Reading fiction — immersing yourself in the life of another and seeing the world through their eyes — has always anecdotally been good for broadening one’s outlook. But now there’s hard science to say it actually makes us more empathetic. To......

  • Two of the biggest obstacle-mindsets that come up while trying to do meaningful work are very familiar to most of us: Burden (complaint): The work feels like a burden (difficult, overwhelming, annoying) and you might do the task but you rush through it or you......

  • We can think about doing the right thing, plan to do it, and talk about doing it, but nothing changes in our lives until we start consistently doing what we need to do. To me, nothing feels better than knowing that I do my best......

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