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Before Robert Pop became a leading voice in empowering people and sharing wisdom online, he had his share of obstacles to overcome, from bullying and childhood sexual abuse, to anxiety, depression, and chronic physical illness.

While working to build a new life for himself and regain his mental and emotional health, Robert learnt key principles and methods that have helped him experience healing and freedom. Robert’s story is the best example of how anybody can overcome the worst obstacles in life, rebuild their life from scratch, and accomplish great things along the way.

Having learnt how to transform a life of pain and struggle into a life of joy and purpose, Robert Pop wants to help others experience the same. His biggest dream is to see people free to live, learn, laugh, and love again, which is why Robert created Emotional Health School, the best online learning platform for inner health and emotional wellbeing, as well as the Online Coaching Academy, the business education platform for entrepreneurs who want to take their online coaching business to the next level and start making money by doing what they love.

Robert Pop is an inspirational keynote speaker, author of several books such as Power Habits and The Mindset Detox, a lifestyle entrepreneur and business consultant, and an emotional health educator who teaches practical ways to heal your past, own your present, and redefine your future.

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Power Habits: 14 Habits That Will Energise Your Life - Robert Pop

Power Habits

14 Habits That Will Energise Your Life

In Power Habits, Robert Pop shows us how to take steps to develop our strength of character and make a difference in our world by living lives of discipline, compassion and authenticity. Robert discusses topics such as overcoming unforgiveness, creating healthy boundaries, pursuing big dreams, and developing a healthy self esteem.