How to Develop a Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset versus Fixed Mindset

“Growth” is one of the most positive words that exists when it comes to discussing your own improvement and wellbeing, and having a growth mindset is associated with learning from experiences (good and bad), identifying ways to evolve how you handle all types of personal and professional situations, and embracing a willingness to take life lessons and apply them to bolster your mindset.

You might think when it comes to mental and physical wellbeing that the opposite of “growth” is “shrinkage,” but that word doesn’t really work in this context. Instead, think of the counter to personal growth as being “fixed” — an inability to accept or want change that leaves you trapped in whatever current situation that is taking a toll on your overall health and welfare.

These are basic words, so it should be simple to follow them, surely? The answer is more complicated than that and there are key steps to take in developing a growth mindset. But the benefit of doing this work is giving yourself a far more open-minded approach to life, one in which you use experiences to self-educate and develop into a more assured person.

Ignoring feedback versus Accepting feedback

Humans don’t generally like to be criticised, but there’s a reason why embracing critical feedback can be a great idea to improve your life whether it’s romantic, professional, or personal. The late Steve Jobs used the term “fearless feedback” to describe the kind of input he wanted from staff; direct and unvarnished commentary to help improve Apple’s products.

Take the same approach in your life. Yes, hearing feedback isn’t always positive if the person speaking has an issue with something bad that you did. But you should accept this feedback and achieve personal growth by figuring out how to prevent such situations in the future.

Avoiding challenges versus Embracing challenges

When there are obstacles in the way to achieving our goals, we can sometimes think it’s going to require so much hard effort to overcome them that we just give up. Instead, you should see challenges as an educational moment in time on your life path.

Know that you have the mental strength to get past them and you’ll receive the rewards for that work. If you don’t try to topple the hurdles in your way, then you’ll never experience what’s on the other side.

Allowing things to happen randomly versus Taking charge of your life

Some of us are content to carry on in life letting other people and events dictate our path and what happens to us. But living that way boxes you into a passive role in which you will not grow in confidence, skills, or outlook. Don’t concede that everything is a collection of random moments and situations. Take control of your destiny with the understanding that you have set targets for what you want to achieve and it’s your power to make them happen.

Shying away from new experiences

One of the best ways to grow your mindset is to pursue new hobbies, interests, and ways of thinking. Think of your life as essentially a constant school; the more things you are willing to be open to and learn, the more knowledge and benefits you will get. Embracing innovation can help in every aspect of life whether it’s work, love, family, or friendships. Having an open mind is the best way that you can also grow your mindset and your overall wellbeing.