#CoronavirusHairChallenge Launch

I’ve got some big news for you: I’m launching the #CoronavirusHairChallenge to raise awareness around mental health during these uncertain times caused by the Coronavirus global situation.

While the media and news channels focus on the physical and financial impact of COVID-19, I would like to bring your attention to the negative impact social media and current news reports have on our mental and emotional wellbeing.

During this season of confusion and unanswered questions, the government is advising citizens to isolate inside their homes to help “flatten the curve”.

While social distancing might seem like the only way through this, it doesn’t come without multiple downsides, one of them being an increase in the number of people suffering from depression, constant low mood, panic attacks, or worse.

By launching the #CoronavirusHairChallenge I’ve decided to challenge the status quo and challenge the current narrative.


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There are millions of people around the world – including me – who have been dealing with recurring panic attacks, generalised anxiety disorders, depression, and other similar challenges, long before the current Coronavirus situation – and today I would like to encourage you to call you friends more often, especially those you haven’t called in a long time, and make sure they’re well.

By joining this movement, you can help me and everyone dealing with anxiety or depression, shift the focus from negative news, to more balanced, reassuring, and inspiring stories.

Join my challenge and change the narrative with your own #CoronavirusHairChallenge video and raise awareness for mental health!

All you need to do if you’ve been challenged, is post a video in which you either trim, cut, shave, or dye your hair at home, and share the message.

Thank you for being part of this movement!

CoronavirusHairChallenge - Robert Pop