Focus On What Matters

In today’s world, success can be hindered by too much multitasking or the number of distractions that surround you. Whether its social networks begging for your attention or a list of duties from your boss, keeping your focus on the job at hand can be challenging. Many barriers exist to pull your attention away, but discipline and perseverance will help you on your road to success and great things.


Part of self-discipline is the ability to control a lot of the impulses that you may have. These can be emotions, reactions, or even behaviours that prevent you from moving forward. While its close to impossible to be self-disciplined in every aspect of your life, you can still focus on what is the most essential.

You can start by creating a list of behaviours that pull your attention from what you want and work on eliminating them. It could also be specific tasks that should be done. Having a specific list will help you focus your attention on what is vital to your goals. Creating discipline is about learning new habits and having the perseverance to follow through with them.

Where focus goes, energy flows

Focusing on the job at hand will help you achieve better quality work. It will allow more to get done quicker, and your creativity will flow easier. Being focused means having specific goals and having the perseverance to achieve all those objectives. Look at how best to make progress through these goals with the time and resources you have at your disposal. If you are bombarded by the noise of the world around you, see what can be done to alleviate it. Are you able to turn off your phone, radio, or TV to help your focus?

Do one thing at a time instead of multitasking

Doing one task or job at a time will be less of a burden on your mind. This lower stress level will make you happier with your situation and allow it to run smoother than trying to balance numerous tasks at once. Multitasking can leave you more sensitive to outside distractions, which can hinder your focus on the job at hand. Focusing on one thing can make you more productive, and your work will become more fruitful as your chances of making mistakes will be reduced due to your newly founded focus.

Perseverance is the key

There is always something that can delay your work or hinder you on your path to success. Determination is vital to achieving what you want, but it takes your focused attention and steadfastness to keep going no matter what obstacles lay in your path. Remaining committed to your goals will heighten your self-confidence and motivation for the task at hand and the end goal for your purposes. Though success isn’t achieved overnight, perseverance is the key to keep moving forward and achieve the fulfilment of your dreams.

Where you choose to put your focus, your energy and attention will follow. If you have specific goals in sight, then keeping focused and persevering will help you stay on the right track. Keep your focus on one task at a time and, if needed, create lists to keep you on track. Your goals are attainable. While it may take some hard work, in time, you will reap the benefits of focusing your energy where it needs to go.