What It Takes To Be Truly Brave

Finishing what you start in spite of feeling tired.

Forgiving those who’ve hurt you the most.

Leading by example and living with integrity regardless of being seen or not.

Doing the right thing without expecting something in return.

Smiling at people on the bus, making their day brighter.

Being open and honest about your weaknesses.

Being your true self and not changing just to please people or to get their approval.

Letting go of perfectionism and embracing simplicity.

Telling the truth and suffering the consequences.

Enjoying spending time with a bunch of people you’ve only met a couple of times before.

Enjoying solitude and learning to be with yourself.

Admitting you are wrong.

Embracing vulnerability in order to live wholeheartedly, knowing it might also open a door to being hurt.

Hugging someone who’s hurt you in the past and you haven’t talked to in a long time.

Not giving up in the midst of your hardest challenges.

Keeping your head up when surrounded by people who gossip and lie about you.

Not listening to someone just to respond, but to actually connect in a genuine way.

Following your dreams even if the path seems dark and difficult.

To be brave is to be genuine, to live wholeheartedly, to embrace your failures and own your story (something similar to what Brené Brown would say). To not live one moment in pretense or doing something that’s not reflecting who you are and what you believe in. Being brave is also being vulnerable, which pushes us forward into the unknown, into the open, where we might get hurt and wounded. The beauty here is that when we let go of perfectionism and quit pretending to have it all figured out, we discover real freedom. A freedom that enables us to chase our dreams, experience deep friendship, let go of the past and enjoy counting the stars on a clear night or navigate our ship on a stormy night, away from our comfort zone.

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