What Do You Do When The Cheering Stops?

It’s easy to smile, to laugh, to enjoy life and keep on going when people around you are cheering for you and they’re clapping every time you say or do even the smallest cool thing. Anyone can be great when surrounded by encouragements, cheering and clapping. But what happens when they stop encouraging you, when they stop believing in you? What will you do when the clapping fades away and the cheering ceases. In that short moment of silence, before they go loud again, there’s a quick decision you need to make. While you’re between the door behind you and the one in front of you, you will have to choose which one your future is going to come through.

You’ve got only one second to make up your mind. As soon as it’s over, you can hear them again. This time however, they’re not cheering and clapping. They give you their advice and utter their opinions, all with a sad and pitying smile.

This dream is too big, son, they say.

This isn’t for you!

Try something else!

Lower your expectations!

Stop getting your hopes up!

Don’t be optimistic.

Avoid the road less travelled.

This isn’t the way we’ve always done it!

Nobody’s ever heard of such a thing!

When all those voices rise up and start to push you down, closing the door in front of you, there’s only one thing that you can really do.

Don’t listen to them, don’t bow down to their words. What do they know, really? Had they ever accomplished anything great in life, they’d be waving from the other side. But they’re right behind you, just trying to pull you down. Escape that prison, which is only in the mind, and live in freedom, see the stars and unwind.

Shut the door on them and keep it closed. Open the door in front of you and take a leap of faith.

In the end, it’s you — and you only — who will live with the consequences of your decisions. So never put down your dreams and never settle for less than the best, because your dream has chosen you. They might not see it. They might not feel it. They might not understand. But deep down in your heart, you know: it’s what keeps you up at night and what drives you during the day. It’s a burning fire that cannot be tamed. Don’t let it die. Ignite your passion and move forward. You were made for more!

Leave your comfort zone and journey into the unknown.

They call it madness. You call it adventure.

They see it as a nightmare. You see it as an opportunity.

They run from and avoid it. You run towards and embrace it.

They die in the shadows, thinking that’s all there is to life.

You live in the light, knowing there’s even more to life than this.

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