The Great Potential Of Small Beginnings

Before you can shift your life, there are 3 mentalities you need to remove from your thinking:

1. That sounds great, but I can’t…

Yes, you can! If one person was able to do it, so can you! It’s just like in maths: if you find 1 exception to a certain rule, you can prove the entire equation is false. If one person is able to push the boundaries of what common sense tells us should not be possible, that means the rule is no longer valid and anyone is able to escape its traps. Next time you see someone doing something similar to what you would like to do, just say, “If they can do it, I can do it!”. That’s the attitude you should approach anything in life with!

2. I’d like that, but I’d like it right now!

Personal development is a process. Experiencing a genuine life transformation takes time and energy. It would be awesome to just throw some magic dust over our problems and have them reduced or have them disappear, but we still haven’t found that magic powder. So until we do, let’s embrace this truth: Shifting my life is not a one-time jump. It starts like that, but it becomes a journey.

Ever since we are in our mother’s womb, we learn things. We learn how to communicate, we learn how to protect ourselves, we learn what to feel and what not to, we learn what we are and what we aren’t, we learn what to say and what not to say… and the sad thing is most of the things we’ve learned are wrong, unhealthy, damaging, and they keep us from unleashing our true potential, from experiencing true joy and freedom, from living life to the fullest. We are kept in an emotional trap that affects every area of our life. We learn, for instance, that feeling sad is not a proper thing for a Christian. We learn that a good boy, or a good girl, will keep quiet at all times and never dare to ask questions or to speak up (and then the same kids end up being abused, either physically or emotionally, in the family, in the church, at work).

That’s why we should accept that unlearning all these damaging and wrong ideas that have been planted into our minds is a longer, yet important part of our emotional transformation and spiritual growth. It’s a marvellous process of learning, unlearning and relearning life principles.

3. No, thanks. I just like drifting through life.

The difference between drifting and taking advantage of opportunities is one of looking for opportunities that might come your way while you are actively and intentionally involved in useful activities, and not waiting for the approval of someone else in order to take action.

People who drift through life usually wait for something out of the ordinary to happen or for another person to tell them what to do and to push them into the right direction. If that’s what’s happening to you, you need to start taking charge of your own life and take responsibility for your decisions and your actions. Think of the things that you enjoy doing, find ways of doing them more and use those things to accomplish great things in life and help others through what you do. While you are involved in these activities, keep looking for other useful and interesting things that you could do, and just give some of them a shot.

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