Growing Up Wisely

As we grow we become, more or less, one of these two types of people: on one side, people who have used their time to grow and learn, to pursue their dreams, to find themselves and develop personally, who learnt what works and what doesn’t, people who have grown to become stable, responsible and reliable persons for their families, friends and for the society they live in.

Then there’s also the other category of people, who are still in college and don’t want to take the next step. They go to work hating their jobs, because they’re too afraid to get a different one. They hang on to people who are not helping them grow or become better persons, just because they don’t like being lonely. They wish to build stronger friendships, they wish to start exercising regularly, they wish they stopped wasting their time watching an entire TV show season in one day, they wish to learn that new skill that would help them get promoted or be able to find a better job. They wish. And they stop there. They don’t actually do all those things they dream or talk about.

They live in a prolonged adolescence, and sooner or later they wake up and find out life has passed and they’re still stuck in immaturity because they’re too scared to face their fears or just get up and take responsibilities seriously and do something with their talents and resources, instead of just sitting around doing nothing different and waiting for something great to happen.

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Get up and move! Go and try new things. Experience, travel, take risks. Learn something cool. Start growing by gaining even more wisdom. Try and fail and get up again. It’s your time to become who you want to be. Breathe in and live in the present.

Don’t dwell in the “not yet” and don’t feed on your past. Enjoy the journey of living your life with purpose, one day at a time!

— Robert Pop

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